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Connection Heals

It is through our ability to forge deep, meaningful bonds with ourselves and others that we find solace, validation, and the strength to overcome even the most daunting of challenges.


Connection transcends the boundaries of physical proximity, allowing us to tap into a profound sense of belonging and acceptance that nourishes the very core of our being.

Connection is at the core of the coaching and therapy offered at Inspiring Chats.

Working Together

Eugenia Yuan

B.Com, M.Social Work, Reiki Level 2 Practitioner

If I were to describe myself in one word, it would be "Antevasin" - an ancient Sanskrit word meaning one who lives at the border of two worlds: the material and the transcendental. 

My professional path has taken me through the contrasting landscapes of business and mental health services. I've studied and worked across sales, marketing, social work, and community, where I discovered the two powerful forces at play in our lives - the drive for achievement and success, but also the profound need for human connection, inner fulfilment, and love.

For years I ran swiftly in the "survival of the fittest" corporate jungle, but over time, I realised that numbers, growth, and competition are not the whole story. There is another equally vital narrative around cultivating meaningful relationships - with ourselves, with others, and with a higher purpose. This is when Inspiring Chats was born.

In my coaching and therapy practice, I weave together my business acumen, training across multiple therapeutic modalities, as well as spirituality. I aim to provide a holistic and empowering space for you to explore issues and experiment ways forward. I believe that every human has unlimited potential to grow and heal. I'm here to support you every step of the way with an open heart and mind. 

I extend a warm invitation to you to join me on this journey, where you can feel truly seen and heard, and experience the remarkable capacity where connection can heal the wounds of isolation, trauma, and emotional turmoil. 



Session Fees & Structure

I'm committed to making therapy accessible and affordable, recognising the transformative power it can have on individuals' lives. While the investment in personal growth is invaluable, I understand that financial considerations can be a barrier for some.


With this in mind, I've structured my fees to be as inclusive as possible: $75 for in-person sessions (in Carlton/Parkville) and $55 for online sessions. A 10% discount is applicable for students and healthcare card holders. A standard session is 50 minutes. The practice is subsidised by my business development consulting service, where I charge $120-$180 per hour.

Client Testimonials

Despite being surrounded by people at work and a busy social life, I felt desperately alone. A constant gnawing loneliness that I couldn't shake.


Eugenia's warm, understanding nature put me at ease and I felt that I could open up about my struggles. Step by step, she helped me gain insights into how I relate to others, and got to the root of why I felt so isolated and disconnected.


With her guidance, I've learned to communicate my real needs, be vulnerable and start truly connecting with others and myself. I'm no longer that person putting on an act - I know who I am and my confidence in nurturing meaningful relationships has grown enormously.

- Sarah M

For years, I struggled to articulate my needs and boundaries in intimate relationships. I found myself settling for unfulfilling connections, plagued by insecurity and a fear of being truly seen.


When I started working with Eugenia, I gained profound insights into my attachment style and the core beliefs that had been shaping my interactions. As I began to heal and love myself for who I am, I experienced a gradual shift in how I approached relationships. I learned to communicate my needs with clarity and authenticity and set healthy boundaries.


This also had a profound impact on my professional life, as I found myself navigating workplace dynamics with more confidence and empathy, able to build trust and foster meaningful bonds with colleagues. Conflicts that once would have left me reeling became opportunities for growth and understanding. It has truly been a rewarding journey.

- Deborah T

Being a founder is bloody tough - you put your heart and soul into building something from nothing, and you face so much risk and uncertainty every day.


I got so wrapped up in chasing success that I lost myself along the way. Working with Eugenia helped me find my way back. She understood the unique pressures entrepreneurs face, and she could go a layer deeper - unveiling the doubts, fears and past baggage I carried.


With her support, I was able to work through my stuff and reconnect with what really matters - balance, purpose, and being true to myself. Now I lead with more authenticity, emotional intelligence and resilience!

- John L

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